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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the STM Solution?

The STM solution is a customized approach for businesses. It’s the belief that there is no multipurpose IT service and that by working with our customers to know and understand their business, we can build an IT solution that lets business owners focus on their business ideas. 

What are the reasons for choosing STM Solution?

Premium 24/7 IT Support delivered to your business by a group of dedicated and trained staff. Strong values and a belief in never tacking on unnecessary services or bill

Proactive solutions. We don’t wait for disaster to strike to be helpful

Reliable security solutions

Leading and knowledgeable provider of Office 365 family of products

What are the response times of STM Solution?

STM provides a dedicated queue manager team so you can immediately speak to an actual human being when an issue arises. With our customer support, you can eliminate awful hold music and robot answering machines. 

How does STM Solution ensure accountability?

All tickets are tracked and monitored to ensure a satisfactory completion. Using a proprietary, honed system, tickets are marked with a priority rating at creation and immediately assigned to the best person for the job. 

Is it possible for STM IT Solutions to tailor an offering for my business?

Absolutely! At STM we understand that great IT solutions are built by understanding how our clients operate and the unique factors that come with every business. With this in mind, any company can feel comfortable offering STM a solution with the best value and functionality.

What happens if we already have internal technical support staff?

We will take on the overarching management job for your technical support staff, allowing them the time and resources to focus on the more common daily IT issues.

Will STM Solution offer recommendations or assist in purchasing hardware and software products?

STM has competitive pricing on all hardware and offers installment plans for new hardware purchases. It removes the need to upgrade or replace hardware while ensuring customers have the necessary tools to perform.

How can I initiate contact or speak with a representative from STM Solution?

Go to our Contact Us page or email

Is it possible for us to visit your corporate office?

Of course! Between the hours of 8 am-5 pm Monday to Friday

Here is the address –

Can STM Solution aid in the development of an IT security policy?

With cybercrime becoming more prevalent daily, STM keeps up to date with the newest innovations in the IT security industry. We offer a premium protection suite to maximize network and endpoint security without interfering with your day-to-day business flow.

How does STM Solution manage vendors?

STM IT Solutions prides itself on having long-standing, strong vendor relationships. Our vendors do their best to help us so that we can help you!

How does STM Solution gauge customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is STM IT Solution’s top priority. We lead the way in customer satisfaction by performing quarterly check-ins and always being open to hearing from our customers.

What type of end-user training does STM Solution provide?

STM Solutions is uncompromising about the continued training and education of its end-users. Upon request, we can go on calls or to your office to ensure that you and your people understand your new solution best.

Service FAQs

What is an MSP (Managed IT Service Provider)?

Managed IT Service Providers are your IT department. Integrating full-time IT departments is too costly for most small to midsize businesses in-house. Managed IT Service Providers bridge this gap by being an affordable available option.

What are Cybersecurity Services?

Cybersecurity services consist of several services protecting digital systems, networks, and data from cyber threats. These services can be provided by in-house teams or outsourced to specialized cybersecurity companies. These services evaluate your current security posture and your systems and network weaknesses.

What is a Disaster Recovery Solution?

A disaster recovery solution is the plan your business executes in the case of a disaster. This involves identifying threats like cyberattacks, natural disasters, or hardware failures. Having one allows for quicker recovery with fewer long-term side effects. Disaster recovery solutions can involve different methods depending on the severity of the situation.

What are IT Infrastructure Services?

IT infrastructure services are managing your business’s IT environment. These services ensure your IT needs are fulfilled with professional expertise.

What is Healthcare IT Services?

Healthcare IT Services is the specific management of healthcare-related businesses and systems. STM specializes in Healthcare IT services and thoroughly understands the unique nature of the health industry.

What is an IT Consulting Services?

IT consulting services tackle the many questions and concerns associated with IT concerns or system queries. IT consultants work with you to understand your business goals and develop a strategic IT roadmap. By optimizing your IT infrastructure and making informed technology decisions, IT consultants can help you save money in the long run.

What is a Data Backup And Recovery Service?

A data backup and recovery service is crucial to have in place when the unfortunate event of data loss takes place. This service will allow for a quicker recovery of lost data, ensuring business continuity while saving your business money.